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We’re honored to work with a number of
gifted chefs implementing their culinary
talents throughout the Pacific Northwest
and select cities on the East Coast.

If you see viridian farms produce on their menus, please thnak them for supporting
small, family farms and seasonal cuisine.

Our harvest season is from Spring through Autumn. In addition, select specialty items are available year round via our online store.

Note that due to the nature of sustainable farming, we cannot guarantee that all produce will be available as listed below. Chefs/restaurateurs - to assist your menu planning, please contact us for current availability of specific varieties.

The majority of our seed comes from our own seed saving program as well as local sources in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we also source specialty heirloom European seeds directly from our friends in the farming community in France and Spain.

  asparagus chard chicories lettuce greens
  strawberries onions herbs spices
E A R L Y _ S U M M E R
  apricots beans blueberries cherries
  herbs edible flowers peas mixed greens
  onions raspberries strawberries  
  chard ispices    
L A T E _ S U M M E R
  beans blackberries blueberries edible flowers
  mixed greens chard leeks peaches
  peppers plums spices  
  tomatoes herbs    
  apples blackberries cardoons chestnuts
  chicories edible flowers grapes herbs
  leeks mixed greens peaches pears
  peppers plums radicchio tomatoes
  winter squash spices beans




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