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sustainability @ viridian farms


F A R M_ +_ F O O D_ S A F E T Y

  • managers trained in GAPs (Good Agricultural Practiices) standards
  • do not use any manures or raw animal products (such as bone meal, feather meal, blood meal) for fertilizing crops
  • only potable, tested well water is used to irrigate crops; we do not pump/irrigate from sloughs or surface water
  • harvesting aids, equipment and delivery containers are cleansed daily using food-grade disinfectants
  • extensive training of crew on a variety of aspects including equipment safety, first aid, fruit/vegetable harvest & handling (food safety), and field sanitation
  • product traceability system in place that tracks exact harvest date, precise field location, and harvest/pack crew on every individual package leaving our farm

W A T E R_ S T E W A R D S H I P

  • vast majority of our water needs are managed with drip irrigation
  • partnered with Oregon Energy Trust to install Variable Frequency Drive to maximize efficiency of irrigation operations, siginificantly reducing overall electricity usage
  • utilize raised beds covered with black plastic on all vegetable crops to retain moisture from drip irrigation lines
  • water during optimum times of the day to minimize loss to evaporation

S O C I A L_ A W A R E N E S S

  • fair wages for our agricultural workers; we do not utilize interns or volunteers, as we strongly feel that our employees should be compensated for their work
  • all employees are offered paid sick leave as well as health benefits, and in most cases up to 75% of their monthly insurance premiums are paid for by viridian farms
  • excess harvested crops are donated to several food bank organizations
  • ...we are also a minority-owned business

C R O P S_ A N D_ H A R V E S T_ P E R I O D

  • select varieties and items that do not require intensive use of resources
  • do not farm warm temperature-reliant crops during the winter; not using resources to heat greenhouses year-round to extend our season

L A N D_ P R E S E R V A T I O N

  • at present, approximately 8 acres of our farmland are set aside as a "reserve" that we are not farming, and never will, providing a vital habitat for herons, owls, hawks, deer, coyote, ducks, geese, quail, and other local wildlife





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